Money Back Warranty

Here at Online-Essays, we understand that every single detail matters when you’re writing a paper. And we would never want our customers to feel as though we haven’t put our utmost into their order. So, we do have a Money Back Policy for the rare instance where a customer is dissatisfied with their order.

Again, we maintain a professional business and operate so that the customer can place his/ her order smoothly. But there are certain times when technical or machine errors may happen. Those are also cases in which we may issue a partial or full refund.

Customer Dissatisfaction:

We value our own time and our customers’ time. So, we encourage all of our customers to give very detailed instructions on their orders. We also have created a channel for communication between customers and their assigned writers so that no detail is missed. The entire process is very long but we believe it is worth it.

This ensures that the customer is satisfied with his/ her final paper and it saves us the time of going back for edits or revisions. In most dispute cases, it is usually a case of miscommunicated instructions that create issues. And we’ve done everything we can to avoid it.

However, there are cases where the customer may be dissatisfied and they would be within their right to bring it up. But the refund procedure requires constant communication to prove the claim and takes quite a while to be processed.

If a paper written by one of our writers is found to be plagiarized, we require sufficient proof before we can issue a refund. The customer is required to provide the full plagiarism report from or an equally reliable software.

Afterwards, our team will double-check it and if the claim is found to be true, a refund may be issued.

Next, in case a customer is dissatisfied with their paper, it is harder to prove with reports. This would require clear reasoning from the customer regarding his/ her initial instructions to the writer. If a writer was found to ignore any of the instructions without the knowledge of the customer, we may issue a partial refund.

To request a refund for dissatisfaction, the customer must contact us within 7 days of the order being fulfilled. Failing to do so will result in the customer forfeiting any future possibilities of a refund.

Another potential reason for refunding a customer is a disagreement between the customer and his/ her assigned writer. We encourage writers and customers to be very open in the creative process. However, we are only human and might have different opinions on the same matters.

In cases like these, we take into account how much of the order has been completed and what type of issue was seen between the two parties. Customers may be eligible for a partial refund in these cases.

The entire process of creating a dispute and validating it can take 3 days up to 7 days to be complete. Refunds are credited to the customer’s account within 24 hours of receiving confirmation from the customer.

Late Deliveries:

Our writers are very professional and we don’t usually have any issues with late deliveries. However, in case of an urgent order being delivered after the deadline, the customer is eligible to receive a partial refund.

In case an order has been stuck in delivery for more than 3 days after the delivery deadline, the customer will receive a full refund after a proper investigation has been done into the issue.

Technical Issues:

Despite technological advancements, we realize that there are times when technology fails us. And since we are a company that believes in full transparency and customer satisfaction, we are more than happy to offer full or partial refunds for the following cases:

  • If a customer has placed the same order twice, and payment was automated, we will cancel the second order and issue a full refund for that order.
  • If a customer has issues completing the order and the payment goes through more than once due to any technical issues, we will refund the customer’s account for the additional orders.
  • If the customer wishes to cancel the order, we can issue a full refund given that a writer has not been assigned to the paper yet.
  • If a writer has been assigned already, and the customer would like to cancel the order, we can issue a partial refund.

Other Issues:

In case of revisions, our writers volunteer free of charge to do revisions that are under 15 pages. If the revision is not extensive, the customer can get up to 2 revisions done on the same order.

In the case of revisions that are more than 15 pages long, customers must pay an extra fee. If the customer is dissatisfied with the revision, he/ she can get a refund on the revision fee only.