Revision Policy

We offer revision services free of charge based on some criteria that customers need to keep in mind. We understand that a customer might not be fully satisfied with the work and might want minor changes to make it perfect.

Customers can put in requests for as many revisions as they like during the creative process. This requires them to collaborate with their assigned writer and ensures that the final paper doesn’t actually need further edits or revisions.

Putting in a Request for Revision

In order to put in a request for revision afterwards, customers must first receive the delivery of the paper and go through it. After creating a detailed list of what revisions are needed, customers can go back to their order page and press the “revision” button to put in a request. Afterwards, they must communicate the changes to their writer.

Revision Types

Our general guidelines for pages are 500 words per page (single lined) and regular papers can go up to 15 pages for the base price of an order. Customers can get revisions free of charge for these regular orders under 15 pages if they put in a request for revision within 7 days of receiving the delivery.

Customers can get up to 2 revisions done on their paper free of charge. If the paper is over 15 pages, based on the length of the paper and the amount of effort put into the revision, customers would need to pay an additional fee for it.

If the customer puts in a request for revision after the allotted 7 days of time after delivery, this needs to be done in the form of a new order. The order type would be considered as “Editing” work.

In case a customer is dissatisfied with the revisions made to the paper, we can offer a full refund of the revision charge.