Plagiarism Free Warranty

Our company is known to be one of the most reliable in the industry. We have a Customer-Oriented approach for our services and all of our endeavors are to satisfy our customers.

We guarantee work that is high-quality, fully original, and free from flaws. Our guarantee is our promise to customers and we put a lot of importance into it. We would never knowingly provide customers with plagiarized papers.

Our writers are very competent and know the proper use of tools on the internet for writing papers. We have also worked very intensely to give them the proper training so that any issues relating to plagiarism can be fully avoided.

We take plagiarism so seriously because it is one of the deciding factors about our work being acceptable. We would never want to put our customers in a position where they would have to answer to their professors regarding plagiarized papers.

Before orders are even delivered to customers, we put every paper through premium plagiarism checking software to ensure that the content is original. In case some do manage to crack through the gaps, we have the Plagiarism Warranty in place.

Whenever a customer raises the issue of plagiarism, our first task is to thoroughly investigate the paper and the writer. If the claim is not found to be true by us, the next step is for the customer to provide sufficient evidence of plagiarism.

For the customer to prove claims of plagiarism on a paper delivered by us, he/ she must show the plagiarism report that was produced by or an equally reliable software.

The reports provided by the customer are also verified by our company. And if they are found to be true, the customer is eligible for a full refund on that paper.

It is to be noted that over the years, our company has taken on thousands of customers and produced uncountable papers. Our reputation in this industry is second to none and we are very proud of the fact that we provide top-quality service to our customers.

We don’t take the issue of customer dissatisfaction lightly since it not only shows a bad representation of our company to the customer; it also puts the customer at risk of repercussions.

Plagiarism is considered an offence in academics, and we are well aware of that. And this is why we provide all of our customers with a Plagiarism Free Warranty.